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Pre-Purchase Car Inspection


A pre-purchase car inspection is vital to ensure you are buying a safe and reliable vehicle. The inspection is conducted by a qualified mechanic or technician, who will look for any potential mechanical or safety issues that could affect the performance or value of the car. 

Before you commit to purchasing a car, it is essential to have it inspected by an expert mechanic. During the inspection process, they will typically assess the following:

1.    Evaluate the outside of your vehicle for any damage to its body, paint job, tires, and wheels.

2.   The internal cabin of the vehicle, including upholstery, dashboard and control panels, as well as any electronics that may be installed.

3.   Inspect the engine, transmission and all related components such as belts, hoses, filters and fluid levels.

4.  The entire suspension and steering system, including shocks, struts, and brakes are all essential for a smooth ride.

5.   The exhaust and emission systems.

6.  All relevant systems and components that pertain to the specific make and model of the vehicle should be considered.

A road test may be conducted during the inspection to observe the vehicle's handling, acceleration, and braking. Afterward, the mechanic will provide a comprehensive report that outlines any issues found and their potential effect on the car's performance or safety.

Before you commit to a used car, consider investing in an inspection for peace of mind. An evaluation can provide valuable insight into the vehicle's condition and help guide your decision-making process so that you make a smart purchase.


Where Can I Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?


You have several choices for conducting a pre-purchase inspection. Numerous local mechanics and auto repair shops provide this service, and you can also consider national providers such as Lemon Squad or Instant Car Fix. When selecting a PPI provider, prioritize those with skilled, ASE-certified technicians and a track record of conducting comprehensive and trustworthy inspections.


Thinking of buying a new car?


Before you take the plunge and purchase your dream car, make sure you don't get taken for a ride. Get an Instant Car Fix pre-purchase inspection to ensure that it's safe, reliable and all systems are sound. Our 125-point inspection covers everything from brakes and suspension to engine performance so you can be certain the car is up to scratch.

A significant advantage of opting for a mobile pre-purchase car inspection is the convenience it offers. Instead of dealing with the logistics of transporting the vehicle to a shop, our ASE certified technicians visit your location, be it at home or work, which saves you valuable time and eliminates unnecessary hassle. This feature proves particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or tight time constraints.

Don't let yourself get stuck with buyer's remorse! With an Instant Car Fix pre-purchase inspection, you'll have peace of mind knowing exactly what condition the car is in before making any long-term commitments. Plus our ASE certified technicians will provide insight into any necessary repairs or upgrades that should be made before taking ownership; ensuring that your new vehicle purchase comes with no surprises!

Get an Instant Car Fix Pre-Purchase Inspection today and save yourself time and money!​

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