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We Specialize in a Variety of Auto Repair Services

  • An expert mechanic will come to your home to fix or diagnose your vehicle.
  • Save 20-30% on most services compared to any repair shop.
  • 12 months or 12,000 miles warranty*

Services we offer


Brake Pads & Rotors Brake Pads Brake Rotors ABS Sensor Backing Plate Brake Adjustment Brake Bleed Brake Caliper Brake Caliper (Labor) Brake Drum & Shoes (Rear) Brake Drums (Rear) Brake Flush Brake Hose Brake Light Bulb Brake Line Brake Pads (Labor Only) Brake Sensor Brake Shoes (Rear) Brake Switch Brake Wheel Cylinder Clutch Master Cylinder Bleed Cylinder Head Seal Lug Nuts Parking Brake Shoes

Fluid Services

Coolant Flush Differential Fluid Gas Removal and Disposal Oil Change Power Steering Fluid Power Steering Flush Transmission Fluid Change (w/ Filter) Transmission Fluid Change (w/o Filter)


General Diagnostics AC is not working diagnosis AC/Heat is not working diagnosis Air Bag Light On Diagnosis Battery will not hold a charge diagnosis Brakes Inspection Car is making a noise diagnosis Car is overheating diagnosis Car is Vibrating diagnosis Car wont start diagnosis Check engine light on diagnosis Code P0171 diagnosis Coolant is leaking diagnosis Electrical Diagnosis (Every hour) General Diagnosis (Wrong Part) Oil is leaking diagnosis Power Steering Diagnosis Pre-purchase Inspection Transmission is leaking fluid diagnosis

Scheduled Maintenance

10,000 Miles Maintenance 100,000 Miles Maintenance 120,000 Miles Maintenance 20,000 Miles Maintenance 25,000 Miles Maintenance 30,000 Miles Maintenance 35,000 Miles Maintenance 40,000 Miles Maintenance 50,000 Miles Maintenance 60,000 Miles Maintenance 65,000 Miles Maintenance 70,000 Miles Maintenance 80,000 Miles Maintenance 84,000 Miles Maintenance 90,000 Miles Maintenance DSG Service Service A Service AC Service B Tune Up

Engine & Transmission

Alternator Pulley Alternator Replacement Starter Replacement Air Intake Hose Air Intake Hose (Labor) AT Cooling Hose Axle Shaft Seal Belt Tensioner Bolt in Steering Linkage Brake Master Cylinder Bypass Hose Replacement Cabin Air Filter Camshaft Position Sensor Cancellation Charges Canister Purge Valve Clutch Master Cylinder Clutch Replacement Coolant Reservoir Hose Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Differential Assembly Differential Axle Seal Differential Breather Dipstick Tube EGR Valve EGR Valve (Labor Only) Engine Air Filter Engine Flush Engine Mounts Engine Mounts (Labor) Flex Plate FlyWheel Fuel Filter Fuel Induction Fuel Injector (Labor) Fuel Injector Fuel Injector Assembly Fuel Line Fuel Pressure Regulator Fuel Pressure Sensor Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Control Module Fuel System clean up Fuel Tank Cap Harmonic Balancer Head Gasket Heater Core Heater Hose Heater Hose (Labor) Hose Connector Idler Pulley Ignition Coil Ignition Lock Cylinder In-line Fuel Filter Intake Manifold Intake Manifold Gasket Intake Manifold Runner Clean Neutral Safety Switch Oil Cooler Oil Filter Housing Oil Pan Oil Pan (Labor) Oil Pan Gasket Oil pump Oil Seperator PCV Hose Power Steering Pressure Hose Power Steering Pump Power Steering Reservoir Power Steering Return Hose Readjust Differential Serpentine-Drive Belt Shift Cable Shift Control Cable Shift Solenoid Slave Cylinder Spark Plugs Steering Rack Boot Strut Mount Throttle Body (Labor) Timing Belt Timing chain Timing Cover Timing Cover Gasket Torque Strut Mounts Transmission Cooler Lines Transmission Mount Transmission Oil Pan Gasket Transmission Replacement transmission solenoid (labor) Transmission Speed Sensor Turbocharger Unlocking Engine Vacuum Pump Valve Cover Valve Cover Gasket Water Pump (Labor) Wheel Stud & Nut Wheel Stud Installation Window Wiper Motor


Air Spring Axle Seal Ball Joint Front Ball Joint Rear Control Arm CV Axle Assembly CV Axle Bracket Rack and Pinion bushings Shock/Strut Assembly Steering Rack/Gearbox Sway Bar Links Tie Rod Ends Wheel Hub


Catalytic Converter Charcoal Canister Clean Throttle Body Engine Oil Filler Cap EVAP Pressure Sensor Exhaust Manifold Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak Detection Pump Mass Airflow Sensor Muffler Muffler Pipes Oxygen Sensor PCV Valve Throttle Body Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid


AC Relay Accelerator Pedal Sensor Battery Battery Cables Battery Cables (Labor) Battery Fuse Battery Jump Battery Terminals Battery-Auxiliary Blend Door Actuator Camshaft Solenoid Coolant Temp Sensor Crankshaft Position Sensor Door Lock Actuator Fuel Pump Relay Fuse Installation Fuse Module Fuse Relay Headlight Assembly Headlight Bulb Hood Open Notification Diagnosis HVAC Control Module Ignition Relay Ignition Switch Ignition Wire Set Knock Sensor Replacement MAP Sensor Oil pressure sensor Parking Light Bulb Recalibration Shift Lever Knob Side Bulb Side Marker Bulb Starter Relay Tail Light Bulb Transmission Position Sensor Turn signal Light Bulb Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid Washer Fluid Pump Window Motor Window Regulator Window Switch

A/C & Heating

AC Clutch AC Compressor AC Condenser AC Discharge Hose AC Evaporator AC Recharge AC Service Valve Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Blower Motor Blower Motor Control Module Blower Motor Regulator Condenser Fan Assembly Coolant Bypass Valve Cooling/Radiator Fan Expansion Tank Freon Removal Inlet Vacuum Tube Radiator Radiator Hose Thermostat Thermostat Housing Water Pump

Interior & Exterior

Adjust Body Frame Bumper Replacement Bumper Replacement (Labor) Car Restoration Dent Removal and Repaint Detailing (Int & Ext) Door handle Door Replacement Fender Dent Removal & Repaint Fender Paint Fix Bumper Dent and Repainting Fix Flat Tire Fog Light Bulb Front Lip Install and Repaint Headlight Bulb (One Side - Labor only) Headlight Restoration Heat Shield Removal Hood Latch Assembly Hood Release Cable Hood Repair Install Running Boards Lower Engine Shield Mirror Assembly Remove Scuff Marks Removing Dent & Repaint Repaint Bumper Repair Door Scratches Rim Repair Rust Removal Scratch Removal and Repaint Skid Plate Belly Pan Sliding Door Linkage Assembly Tail Light Assembly Tire Rotation TPMS Sensor Weather Stripping (Sunroof) Wiper Blade

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