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Instant Car Fix: Your Guide to Windshield Wiper Repair and Replacement

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Windshield Wiper Troubleshooting Guide


Windshield wipers are a crucial safety element in your vehicle, ensuring optimal visibility in rainy, snowy, or challenging weather conditions. Yet, like any mechanical part, they can malfunction, putting you at risk in hazardous driving situations. Recognizing the typical problems that can lead to windshield wipers failing is essential for swift repairs and upholding road safety standards.


Common Issues and Diagnostics


Below are some of the common issues with the wipers not working: 

Wiper Switch or Motor Failure


The proper functioning of windshield wipers relies on the wiper switch and motor. A failure in either component can render your wipers inoperable. To troubleshoot the problem:

1. Listen for a humming noise from the motor when activating the wipers. The absence of sound often indicates a malfunctioning motor.
2. Inspect the fuse linked to the wiper motor. A blown fuse could be the cause of wiper failure.
3. Use a multimeter to test for electrical current at the motor. If there's no power, it could indicate a switch issue or a wiring break.


Windshield Wiper Relay Issues


A malfunctioning relay is potential cause for wiper failure. The relay is responsible for managing the power flow to the wiper motor. When it malfunctions, power transmission to the motor is disrupted, leading to wiper malfunction. You may observe intermittent wiper operation before they completely cease functioning, often signaling a failing relay. Thankfully, replacing the relay is a relatively simple and cost-effective solution to restore proper wiper function.


Sudden Wiper Failure


If your windshield wipers suddenly cease functioning, the issue could stem from an overloaded motor, particularly common when trying to clear heavy snow or debris from the windshield. Excessive strain on the motor can result in a blown fuse or cause it to overheat, ultimately leading to a complete failure. It's crucial to avoid overloading the wiper motor to prevent these issues and ensure continued functionality.


One Wiper Stopped Working


When one of your windshield wipers stops working while the other remains operational, it could indicate a problem with the wiper linkage. This linkage serves to connect the wiper arms to the motor. With wear and tear over time, the linkage may become loose or even break, resulting in wiper malfunction. In such cases, replacing the worn or broken linkage is typically necessary to restore proper wiper functionality.


 Wiper Motor Configuration


Many vehicles are equipped with a single motor that drives both windshield wipers simultaneously. This motor is responsible for moving the wiper linkage, which then translates this motion into movement for both wiper arms across the windshield. However, in certain vehicles with larger windshields, such as commercial trucks or buses, separate motors may be installed for each wiper arm to ensure adequate coverage and efficient operation.


How Instant Car Fix Can Help


If you're experiencing issues with your windshield wipers and need professional assistance, Instant Car Fix offers convenient, reliable service. Our team of expert technicians can quickly diagnose and address any issues, from simple repairs like replacing wiper blades or fuses to more complex fixes involving the motor or electrical system. With Instant Car Fix, you're assured of getting back on the road safely, whatever the weather.




Windshield wipers play a vital role in ensuring driving safety by maintaining clear visibility, especially during adverse weather conditions. Any malfunction in the wiper system can greatly impair visibility and compromise driving safety. By familiarizing yourself with the common issues discussed earlier, you can enhance your ability to identify and address problems promptly. However, if you're unsure or encounter complex issues, it's advisable to seek professional assistance. Professional mechanics, like those at Instant Car Fix, have the expertise and tools to diagnose and repair wiper system problems accurately, ensuring that your vehicle remains safe and operational in various weather conditions.

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